Most Usual Wedding Planning Mistakes you Should Avoid

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most challenging things is that you have never done this before. Planning a wedding is not an easy task, particularly when you are not experienced in the field. Walking through an unknown event planning land can be utterly tricky, especially for a groom or bride-to-be who doesn’t have any previous experience. Nevertheless, getting expert help from professional wedding coordinators is the perfect thing to consider.

7 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

You can quickly lose control over various things on your wedding day, like a sudden thunderstorm on the DJ. But there are some usual mistakes people often make while planning their wedding; while booking vendors, deciding meals, monitoring guestlist, etc. Though most of the mistakes are avoidable, many couples can make mistakes during wedding planning even if experienced in planning events. The ideal way to avoid common blunders is hiring ‘Los Angeles wedding planners.’

Even if you plan to look out for professional wedding coordinators, it is good to learn a few most common wedding planning mistakes people often make.

1. Overlooking The Wedding Budget


Money might not be a big issue to think about when it comes to making your big day memorable, but it is imperative. The first most crucial step you should consider is to establish a budget. Booking vendors and making purchases with no budget in mind often end up spending lots of money and having meager $s left for the most required items in the end. Wedding planning is a crucial thing. However, it is ideal for making a budget, monitoring your expenses, getting all your ducks in a row, and staying relaxed on the actual wedding day.

2. Opting For A Particular Flower Type

A florist will recommend the flower options based on your budget and availability. If you are booking the florist a year before the actual day, you can probably get disappointed to find that the flowers you picked are nowhere to see. To prevent this, add backups into your contract. Consider shape and color rather than a particular type of flower.

3. Allowing Others to organize your Wedding Party

It is your wedding celebration. It is only you to limit your guest list or hand any other element of the party. Your close friends or loved ones should stand next to you during the planning process and wedding day. Allowing others to handle each stage and please your guests can get things more complicated. However, it is ideal to choose what you think is the best for you and your partner.

4. Mailing Save-The-Dates Too Early

Expressing excitement to everyone is so tempting. But wait! Do not send your save-the-date cards until you finalize a guest list. In general, save-the-dates are to be sent a couple of months or weeks before the wedding date, and only to people you are positive to invite with no hurt feeling.

5. Reserving Rooms Too Late

This mistake is one of the most common errors people make. You might have guests coming from some other city, or perhaps you are planning an out-of-town wedding; overlooking the hotel booking job until the last moment might end up in no room availability, especially during the busy marriage season. Start your hotel search a year ahead so you can book the best options available.

6. Missing To Book Videographer

Photos are essential in any event, but they can only be pictures. On the contrary, videos allow you to hear voices as you and your partner say your vows, see how your guests break the dance floor and watch how beautifully people have enjoyed your wedding. An expert videographer will document each stage of your wedding day. However, you can again live those special moments you might have missed on the day, like the joyous actions of your family that you will undoubtedly want to treasure for life long.

7. Getting Help From A Friend Rather Than A Field-Expert

Your friends or family members might have fantastic music playlist options, but it doesn’t mean they can make an ultimate wedding DJ. Similarly, an expert Instagrammer friend can not be an expert wedding photographer. Nevertheless, it is ideal to hire experienced wedding vendors.


Besides, too many people trying to help you throughout your wedding planning phase can get overwhelming. Suppose your close ones want to help you, find something for everyone like spotting a good vendor and handling invitations. Accept their help graciously. But remember, they are not experts. So if you need help, opt for experienced wedding planners in Los Angeles to get someone by your side to handle all challenging tasks throughout the entire process.

In the nutshell

The key to a successful wedding organization is to be well-prepared and to focus. It is hard to expect how things will turn out exactly, but you can at least prepare yourself in the best way possible by avoiding a few common mistakes. There is an easy solution for each stage of wedding planning. However, keep the best wedding planning tips in mind while delving into the journey and hire expert Los Angeles wedding planners to save yourself considerable time to enjoy the day. No matter how many unexpected errors you might face, you will walk away from the whole experience hand in hand with a lifelong commitment to your partner at the end of the day.

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