Web Design: 7 Elements that Influence Conversions

Establishing a website has become one of the essential aspects of a business. Most businesses nowadays, even startups, have excellent websites. A website should not only look good but smoothly nudge the visitor to take the desired action. For example, scheduling a demo, or in the case of an e-commerce website, making a purchase.

7 Factors That Influence Webpage Conversion Rates

Many factors influence these conversions. We at Consumer Sketch, the best web development company in Vadodara, are going to give you some insider tips. By taking into account each of these factors, you can create a website that highly engages your site visitors.

1. Website structure:

Let’s be honest. Do we spend much time on a website that doesn’t give us the information we need at one look? Absolutely not. Experts have identified certain areas of the website that a site visitor looks at the most. For a conversion to happen you might have important components such as CTA.


Now, divide your website into nine equal squares. The corners of the middle square are the locations where our eyes scan for important details. Strategic placement of elements on these locations greatly improves your conversion rates.

Making your website look complex forces the site visitor to look for other sources to get what they came for. So a simple design is more likely to gain you more positive interactions.

2. Website readability:

You may be wondering why your website doesn’t perform as well as your competitor. You may have better content than them. But it doesn’t necessarily mean your conversions should increase. Try to optimize the content to increase readability. Follow the F-pattern for your content. Highlight the heading and subheading and make them prominent. While arranging the rest of the content to the left side. It is a proven method to increase readability.

You can always opt for the best website development Vadodara, for efficient and optimized web layouts.

3. Aesthetics:

By making your website simpler, we do not mean that you shouldn’t make it beautiful. Avoid making the website look stuffy/crowded. Remove unnecessary content while adding a few colors and images. These promote a visually pleasing experience for the user. It also improves the flow of the website.

At professional web design Vadodara, we use only high-quality images on your website. It is an important factor in increasing traffic and conversion rates.

4. Responsiveness:

You might have encountered a laggy website, even though your internet connection is good. So, design a website that has a minimalistic design to increase the speed. You must also optimize your website to suit every device. Most of us reach for our mobile phones to do a quick search. So, designing a website to be compatible with all kinds of devices is an important factor to consider.


As the best web development company in Vadodara, we specialize in making responsive websites. We understand the current times and create websites that lure invaluable customers.

5. Navigation:

After landing on your home page, a user must be able to navigate to different pages easily. If it takes longer to get to their desired page, they will move on to another website. And you must understand that not everyone is familiar with your sitemap.

As you stuff your website with a lot of options, the time taken for the user to respond becomes longer. From the best service of web design Vadodara has ever seen, you are more likely to get a user-friendly website that your users will love.

6. Clients and testimonials:

Adding the list of your esteemed clients instills confidence in your brand. Including relevant testimonials and reviews also boost the conversion rates. Always make sure the reviews you add are from real people. You can even ask your existing customers to make a testimonial. Adding this to your website increases your credibility and reputation.

7. Call-to-action:

CTAs are what we expect the customer to do after going through the website. For example, a software provider may include a free demo button on their website to interest customers. But placing the CTA in the right location also plays a vital role. Do not add several CTAs that lead to different actions on the same page. It is more likely to confuse the visitor than to help them.


Make your CTAs as tempting as possible. Strategically plan the distribution of CTAs on your webpages. It can be anything like text, an image, a button, or even a video. Using certain words like ‘limited offer’ will encourage them to make quick decisions.

You can always opt for the professionals of website development Vadodara, to design your website. By outsourcing web development to the experts, you are sure to get the most engaging and intuitive website.


Every business has started to invest in a website. Because over the past few years, everyone has become aware of the benefits of strategic web design. Your digital marketing journey starts with a great website that follows the above factors!

We at Consumer Sketch, meticulously sketch every corner of your website to give your users the best possible interaction with you. Call us today at +91-265-2988888 to know more!

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