Tips to Maintain Your Car and Service Checklist

Cars take us to our destination safely, it accompanies us everywhere, and becomes a part of our family. For the car to remain to do so, you must do regular maintenance activities. Even simple things like cleaning the car once in a while prove beneficial.

Undergoing regular service for your car reduces the wear and tear it suffers. It can also increase the resale price if you decide to sell it in the future. So to easily maintain your car, we at Fine Tuned Autos, the best car service North York, have put together a list. Following these simple yet effective maintenance tips reduces the future costs you spend on your vehicle.

6 Tips to maintain your car

1. Never skip your scheduled service:

When you buy a new car, you get a recommended scheduled service from the dealer. Manufacturers base these calculations on certain criteria that suit the vehicle. Attending these regular, well-planned maintenance checks increases the overall safety of your vehicle.

By attending these service checks from the dealers has a few advantages. In the case of replacing the parts, you get genuine replacements. And you get a service record for your car. A service record usually increases the resale price. You can always opt for a professional auto mechanic North York, to get faster service and a well-maintained record.

2. Read the owner’s manual:

Most of us never read the owner’s manual unless and until we are stuck somewhere. But to get optimal performance of the vehicle, you must read the manual. Manuals usually give you exciting tips about the car. It gives you ideas about the buttons that you didn’t know existed.

They also provide useful information like:

  • How to check tire pressure?
  • Fluid top-up info.
  • How to change lights? Etc.

At Fine Tune Autos, the best auto repair North York, we run a complete diagnostic on your vehicle. So you can travel safely knowing that experts have handled your sweet ride.

3. Change oil regularly:

Do you have the habit of refilling the oil only when it is empty? If so, your engine will last shorter than it should. Not maintaining proper oil levels is one of the main causes of engine failure and overheating. It might also void your warranty.


It is best if you let the oil change service to the professional auto repair North York. Using different oils can also lead to engine failure. Your best mechanic North York, understands the importance of using the right oil. We will refer to the owner’s manual or contact the dealer to use the right oil at all times.

4. Check tire pressure:

It is a good practice to always take a look at your tires before driving off into that sunlight. If you do not have a device installed to check tire pressures, try to see if any tire is compressing due to the car’s weight. But, it is best to have a tire gauge to measure the pressure before using your vehicle. Irregular tire pressures are the primary reason for losing control of the car.

We at professional car service North York have a special line of services dedicated to tires. We install new tires, perform tire rotation and fix flat/damaged tires in a jiffy.

5. Check your car’s fluids:

Fluids are an important part of any automobile. In a car, proper maintenance of fluids reduces the need for the replacement of whole parts. The following are the fluid that you must keep an eye on:

  • Radiator coolant.
  • Transmission fluid.
  • AC coolant.
  • Power steering fluid.
  • Brake fluid.
  • Washer fluid.
  • Motor oil.

Reaching out to professional car service North York, will ensure that you keep the fluids at an optimum level.

6. Check your car battery:

The battery is vital for your car’s electronic parts to function properly. You can regularly check for any rust in the battery contacts. If you are unsure where to find the battery and check for rust, refer to the owner’s manual. It is always better to rely on a professional auto repair North York, for a better look at your battery.

Service checklist:

The following are some points that you must include in your service checklist:

  1. Seatbelt checks- Tension and belt buckle operation inspection.
  2. External lights.
  3. Handbrake.
  4. Windshield wipers.
  5. Fluids(All fluids mentioned above).
  6. Tires.
    a. Tire pressure.
    b. Treadwear and tread depth.
    c. Spare tire.
    d. Carjack and tools.
  7. Radiator hoses.
  8. Engine air filter.
  9. Battery.
  10. Fan belts.

You should also check for the funny noises your car makes. Sounds like whining and squealing noises are often indicators of serious problems.


Buying a car is a long time commitment. The more commitment you show towards maintenance, the better the results. Additional tip: Use parking brakes whenever you have to hold a position for a long time. It reduces strain on your transmission – ensuring longevity.

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