Tips to Follow for Inbound Appointment Setting

One of the recent methods of sales is inbound sales. Most businesses use an inbound sales strategy because of the high-quality leads they produce. In both inbound and outbound sales, you need to set appointments to finalize the deal or even attract the lead. It is a meticulous task that you need to do with care.

We at Exclusive Calls, appointment setters Ohio, specialize in gathering valuable prospects for your sales team. We carry the process until the appointment setting and let your sales team take care of the rest. Since we are popular in the appointment setting Ohio, we have decided to share our tips with you in this post.

7 Top Tips for Inbound Appointment Setting

The following are some tips that will help you streamline your appointment setting process:

1. Concentrate on the goal:

One of the mistakes that a salesperson does is making the lead feel pressured to make an appointment. Your goal should be clear that setting an appointment isn’t the final goal. Ensuring that the lead converts into a paying customer should remain your primary objective.

To do so, you must ensure that there is a smooth conversation between your sales rep and the prospect. When you keep your sales team informed about the detailed working of the business, this process tends to be simpler. The sales team becomes more efficient, and they can answer any query the prospect has before setting the appointment.

At Exclusive Calls, we also provide a B2B appointment setting service. You can let our appointment setters Ohio, take care of maintaining the goal in your service calls. While your team focuses more on selling.

2. Do not sound robotic:

In the case of an inbound appointment, the lead is already interested in setting an appointment. They contact you before you do. So when they do contact you, be sure to sound friendly and natural.

People get outbound calls frequently that they put up a guard. Especially getting a B2B appointment is a tough task. You can either train your sales team to be more friendly. Or leave it to the expert appointment setters Ohio, to make professional yet friendly conversations.

3. Refine your CRM criteria:

Collecting leads is not a big deal. But making sure that you gather high-quality leads should be the priority. One way of doing it is by making changes to your lead qualification criteria. Before making changes, you must analyze your existing lead scoring strategy.

Opting for appointment setting services Ohio, will let you have a professional team by your side. We understand your business needs and qualify leads accordingly.

4. Inquire the prospect’s availability:

When the lead shows interest in your product, do not assume that they are available for an appointment immediately. When you contact them, the initial question should be, “Are you available to talk about making an appointment?”.

It is a chance to show your prospect that you respect their time. Leads place importance on the brand that feels more trustable. Our appointment setters Ohio, handle each lead with utmost care and respect.

5. Prepare for objections from the prospect:

You must provide your sales team with a set of objections that they might receive from the lead. To prepare, you must put yourself in the prospect’s shoes. Especially when making a B2B appointment, you are sure to receive many questions and objections.

Prior preparation to answer all those questions will convey to the lead that your organization has integrity. This is why, appointment setters Ohio, bring the lead to you after going through all these processes. You just have to attend the appointment.

6. Only build interest to schedule an appointment:

Even though the ultimate goal is to sell the product, you must initially focus on appointment scheduling. If you try to sell the product during the awareness phase of a lead, the lead is sure to drop out of the sales funnel.

You must only focus on building a curiosity enough to move the prospect to the next step. Try telling them why setting an appointment will make their decision-making process easier.

7. Know how to back out:

Not everyone we call will be on the right stage of the sales funnel. When a prospect is clearly not ready to get to the appointment phase, end the conversation on a positive note. Your conversation should enable future sales discussions and not shut them off completely.

These tips will surely help you and your sales team receive more appointments and close more deals.

Why Executive Calls?


We are the best appointment setting service Ohio, offering an extension to your sales team. We take care of prospecting and booking the appointment. Your sales team can take care of the rest. Opting for a B2B appointment setting service Ohio, reduces the time you spend on searching prospects. We connect through various platforms like calls, text, email, social media, etc.

Our appointment setters Ohio is a team of highly enthusiastic, hand-picked marketers. With us, the number of qualified leads you receive rocket sky-high.


Sales appointment is one of the vital parts of the sales funnel. Follow the tips given here to enhance your chances of getting an appointment with a qualified lead and enjoy closing more deals.

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