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How to Prevent Water Intrusion on Sliding Glass Doors

Let’s admit it! Sliding doors and windows are amazing. They provide a look of modern finish to our homes. They also let the natural light enlighten our rooms. Enjoying the evening view of your beautiful backyard without having to step outside is blissful, to say the least. But sometimes we may have to experience a portion of the storm inside our house.

Sliding door tracks, if not maintained regularly, allows for the water to slip into your polished wooden floors. There are many reasons for the intrusion to happen. And there are more ways to mitigate the possibilities. We at KN Crowder, providers of the best slider door hardware Canada, are here to help you with some professional tips.

5 Tips to Prevent Water Intrusion

1. Locate the problem:

To prevent the future intrusion of water into your home, you must identify where the problem lies. There are many reasons why the sliding door fails to prevent water entry. The following are some of the common causes:

a. The water flowing in is faster than the water drained through the tracks. Which causes an overflow of water into your living room.

b. The base of the track attracts a lot of debris. Your dog coming in from the backyard? The mud from its paw is going to settle down inside the tracks. Debris causes misalignment of the wheel mechanism.

The next time you experience a downpour check the areas where the water leaks in. You can opt for the best sliding glass door track Canada, to get modern and time-tested hardware.

2. Regularly clean the track:


The roller threshold track is the main component of your sliding door/window. If it isn’t clean, the doors might not close tightly as they should. Especially plastic rollers tend to accumulate greasy substances over time. One way of cleaning it is using your vacuum to remove any debris in the track. Then, using a wet cloth, ensure that you remove any dirt sticking to the surfaces.

With multiple types of sliding glass door hardware Canada, you can choose the one that suits your usual weather conditions.

3. Calibrate slider door rollers:

Calibrating the wheels might sound like a job for professionals. But it is a rather simple task that you can do with a screwdriver. Over time your door might start to display more friction and resistance. The more difficult it is to slide, the more chances of damaging your tight seal from outer weather conditions.

Every sliding door will have roller adjustment screws. Due to wear and tear, the wheels might go deeper into the door and cause difficulty in sliding the door. Turning the screws counterclockwise will retract the rollers back to their original position. Do not overdo it, as it might lead to the loosening of the door from the frame.

Sliding door hardware Canada, reduces such maintenance activities. All our products go through rigorous testing to reduce future maintenance costs.

4. Replace old threshold tracks:

If all these fixes do not stop water from creeping in, it is time to consider replacing the tracks. Humid living conditions might give an opportunity for rust to grow on your sliding doors. Corrosion makes your door susceptible to water leakage. Moreover, it spoils the look of your home.


Modern sliding doors from the best sliding glass door track Canada, can provide more than just a neat look. Opting for the newer sliding doors/windows tracks prevents temperature leakage. You can prevent moisture intrusion into your expensive carpets, by using better sealing features.

5. Use weather stripping:

At several instances, even well-maintained sliding doors allow leakages. Severe weather conditions like thunderstorms might cause water to pool in the base track and overflow. Weatherstripping is the only solution in such a severe case to prevent water intrusion. It acts as an additional protective layer against leaks.

With KN Crowder, sliding glass door hardware Canada, you get a variety of options to choose from. You can get all types of weatherstrips with a mill, bronze, or clear finish. You can even choose a self-adhesive weatherstrip to reduce your installation time.

Regular maintenance of the sliding doors is not just a piece of advice. You must maintain your sliding doors from time-to-time, to reduce future costs and increase safety.

Why choose KN Crowder?

Image Credit by KN Crowder

KN Crowder is home to some of the best sliding door hardware Canada, offering diverse products. Our products are all high-quality and come at affordable pricing. The following are some of the amazing products that we offer:

  • Sliding door hardware.
  • Barn door track.
  • Weatherstripping.
  • Thresholds.
  • Stair nosings.
  • Automatic door bottoms.
  • Foot Grilles.
  • Louvers.
  • Catch’N’Close Closing systems.


To summarize, a sliding glass door is an amazing addition to the look of your home. But it only stays amazing if you maintain it properly. It only takes a moment but saves a lot of money you spend on replacing entire doors.

To get the exclusive service for sliding glass door hardware Canada, call KN Crowder today at the toll-free number 1-866-999-1KNC(1562).

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