Fedora Hats for Women

Hats have always made a style statement over the years and it is no different today. Both men and women love flaunting hats. While modern dressing trends may not always allow one to pair a hat with their outfit, a classic pick like fedora hats for women will just elevate your outfit to another level. However, the important thing to remember here is the colour and style of the Fedora hat, occasion and your facial structure. Bearing these in mind, you can experiment with many different kinds of fedora hats for women and you will be amazed by the attention they get you.

Fedora Hats for Women are Back and Here’s How to Rock Them

Here are some ways to wear a Fedora hat:

1. Baggy Pants Work Extremely Well:

Since baggy pants are deemed both casual and semi-formal, these work great with fedora hats. Work on an outfit that provides a beautiful contrast so that the pants and hat complement each other and go for a neutral colour tee for the perfect casual day outfit. A simple hairstyle like low braids or just blow-drying your hair will work wonders for you. Accessories including shoes should be kept simple when it comes to this look.

2. The Sweater Weather is a Perfect Pick:

Fedora Hats for women also work extremely well in the fall and winters. Go with felt or slightly thicker Fedora hats in this weather and pair them with warm sweaters in matching colors for the best look. The rest of the outfit should be kept simple with jeans or trousers. Keep your hairstyle minimalistic with loose curls or braids.

3. Boots are the go-to Pairing Item for them:

Perhaps one of the best outfit combinations out there; pairing the hats with boots works well with as both are casual and formal outfits. While winters call for thigh-high boots, summers can do with lighter and lower leg boots too. Team the fedora hat and boots with summer dresses, shorts or a pantsuit for a formal feel.

4. Fedora Hats for Women Work Well with Tights:

Tights go perfectly with fedora hats and feel free to go crazy with pairings here. Light summer clothing like tights work well and opting for a moderately colourful hat to match it with is perfect for a casual date or a day out with the girls.

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5. Maxi Dresses look Chic:

By limiting accessories on a maxi dress and keeping footwear to dainty slippers or kitten heels with floral motifs and pastel colors fedora hats will look great. Wear this look for a non-formal party, at the beach or simply a day of shopping.

6. Waistcoats for Men:

Fedora hats work for men as well. For the guys, these are great at formal events like a party or a day wedding. Simply team it with fitted trousers, a dress shirt and a Fedora hat in beige, white or black for a contrasting look.

7. The Casual Look goes for both Men and Women:

The best tip when it comes to fedora hats is remembering to keep it both simple and casual. Since the hat is a big style statement on its own (even if they are simple and in basic shades), keep the rest of the outfit minimal and go with 1-2 accessories or completely avoid if your footwear is eye-catchy too.

Fedora hats for sale are available in most stores and shopping for your first one shouldn’t be done in a rush. Take your outfit along, mix and match, experiment with colors and then narrow down your choice on the perfect one! Elina’s Hat Boutique is the best place to buy fedora hats in Toronto. A Canadian importer of Panizza Italian hats, the store boasts of some of the best hats in town for every person’s style and taste.

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