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Benefits of Buying Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Doors are some of the most basic and often overlooked features of a home. However, modern designers have taken these traditional doors and transformed them into something completely unique by swapping out hinges for hanging barn door hardware in Canada.

Unlimited Design Options

Overhead rolling door hardware is not new concept, in fact this method of door movement has been used since the Roman stables.

That being said, this classical design has been updated to reflect a wide range of design preferences like:


This sample is from Real Sliding Hardware and it features a beautiful horse shoe design.


Here is a great example of a modern style door strap from KNCrowder.com that features a brushed nickel finish.

Unlimited styles to choose from

And those are really just a few of the many styles that are available. For example, another way to customize your door’s appearance is through the type of rod. Common barn door hardware rods include:



Just like it sounds, these rods feature round rods that the door roller straps hang from. Here is a great example from Rolling Door Designs.


This style is the most traditional and often seen type of track used for hanging doors on as seen in this example from Custom Made.


This rods is paired almost exclusively with modern styles of barn door hardware as seen in this example from Real Sliding Hardware.


This style varies the most from the other three in that the rolling mechanism is typically hidden inside of the track. Seen here in an example from Real Sliding Hardware.


On top of the beautiful elegance brought to a room through a doors overhead barn style hardware, there are many other features like:

Space Saving

By installing a door that slides against the wall instead of swinging out, a room grows by eliminating the dead space taken up by the door’s range of motion.

Medical Benefits

Everyone loves a beautiful door, but so often these doors can be very heavy and hard to use especially for those that are elderly or have conditions like arthritis. By hanging a door on a track by using barn door styled hardware, the majority of the weight and strain is removed from the user thereby making the beauty of these doors accessible to all.

Double Doors


This is a beautiful example from Real Sliding Doors.

Multi-Track Rail Systems

When needing more than two doors to cover a large space, or if you are just going for a bit more flexibility in your look, you may want to consider leveraging a multi-track barn door rail system that is able to accommodate several doors and very large openings like this system from Artisan Hardware.

Other Uses

Not only can this hardware be used for doors, but many also use it for windows and entertainment system coverings:

Here is an example from www.kncrowder.com showing a great enhancement to an entertainment system.

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