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7 Ways to Keep Your House Ready for Sale

Selling home is undoubtedly a big project and it can even take years to get sold. It takes a lot of planning and plotting to convince a buyer to finally sign his or her cheque. Every seller wishes to sell home fast but without any preparation all efforts go in vain. So if you have plans to sell your home or already have made a decision to move ahead with your plan you need to make little changes in your house so that buyers get attracted towards it.

How to prepare your house for sale

While making such preparations homebuyers often get confused about what they should fix and how much they should spend on it. You will find answers for such common questions that haunt most of the home sellers.

Today, the high inventory of homes in the market has made home buyers choosy. They are always looking for the best, so your dream of selling your home can get broken if it is not kept in pristine condition. Checkout the below-mentioned tips to impress your potential customers so that they do not give a second thought after seeing your home.

1. Disassociate yourself from your home

It is obvious that you have an emotional attachment with your house but if you are planning to sell it off you need to break all your emotional ties with it. It might be difficult for you but it is a part of preparing your house before selling. You need to prepare and convince yourself that the house is not yours.

2. Depersonalizing the area

Start with wrapping up your pictures with your family. This is important because buyers tend to have a tough time witnessing your past personal effects. Of course you do not want to distract your potential buyers. Show the house in such a way that they imagine their pictures on your walls. Depersonalizing also includes your furniture as your buyer might not share your taste.

3. De clutter your home

Treat it as a moving project. Pack up everything you do not need anymore. Cluttered houses are the biggest turn off for your potential buyers. The best way to deal with the situation is to rent a storage unit until the house gets sold. A self storage unit might be expensive and that is why renting is a better option in this regard.

4. Pay attention to the areas which need minor repairs or replacement

Buyers would always try to find flaws in your property because they want the best for themselves. Even a minor issue like a leaking faucet can put a bad impression on them. It is crucial for you to take steps to repair the defective items at your home like

  • Faucets
  • Door knobs
  • Doors
  • Holes
  • Faded or old paint
  • Damaged roof shingles etc

Repairing these things will not be an expensive deal for you but make sure that you do the needful before showing your house to interested buyers.

5. Clean up bedroom closets and storage cabinets

Buyers examine each and everything with utmost care before purchasing the house. You can expect them to open your closet as well. It could be because they are curious or simply because they want to see the space capacity of it. If things are kept in an unorganized way or just fall on them when they open it, they would simply lose the interest of buying your home. They can even take it as a poorly maintained house.

6. Remove odors

Nothing disappoints buyers more than odors. If you have already scheduled showing, make sure you don’t cook anything that makes your kitchen smelly. Always remember that Cigarette smoke easily spreads and lingers throughout the room including furniture, fabric and walls.

7. Check important areas of your home

Staging important areas of your home is probably the most important thing here. These areas include your dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room. It will be an added advantage for you if you can show these rooms with minimum furniture.

So now when you know the steps of the preparation it will be easier for you to make your house buyer ready. It will not only add value to your home but also make a favorable impression that will encourage buyers to buy your property. Keep in mind that buyers, while buying a house in Toronto become very much particular and that is why you need to make your preparation in such a way that they cannot find a flaw in it.

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