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10 Tips to Sell Your Condos Quickly

Selling any property can be an appalling task. In today’s economically inflated spectrum, selling quickly seems difficult, but it needn’t be. Just like everywhere in the world, Canada is also dealing with global price hikes all over. However, the market for new condos for sale in Toronto has picked up. With these crafty tips, you can sell yours quickly too.

10 Solid Tips to Help you Sell Your Condo Quickly

1. Study the Market 

Market analysis is key. Observe the demand and supply ratio and see where you stand with your property. Once that is done, you can price your condo accordingly which can in-turn, aid in a quick sale.

2. Make it Appealing

They say you judge a book by its cover. That phrase couldn’t be more real when it comes to beautifying your home. Declutter and display the condo neatly. Get rid of too many personal belongings to avoid over-personalizing your space. If the buyer loves the way it looks, chances are, he will make an appealing offer in return too.

3. Spotlight the Focal Points

Have an invaluable painting, fireplace or a water fountain? Highlight it. If you own anything that equates to a visual wow factor, draw attention to it. Location, nearby restaurants, amenities, etc. are also equally important highlights when wooing a potential buyer.

4. Get Rid of Bad Smells

Everything could be going great, but a single whiff of nasty odour can sabotage the whole deal. Keep it well ventilated,  get rid of all kitchen and bathroom smells, clean the drains, carpets, sofas and curtains. Additionally, keep the natural light coming.

5. Dejunk

If you are a hoarder, now is the time to straighten up. Get rid of your old furniture, dirty upholstery, dusty books and newspapers lying around and give your condo a spacious look. If you have over-accessorized, put it all away for the viewing.

6. Create a Welcoming Ambiance

Add plants at the entrance, hang an antique bell, switch on any focal lighting right before the viewing. A warm and welcoming atmosphere is attractive, and selling becomes easier without having to try hard.

7. Keep it Well Maintained

Fix anything that requires restoration. Cracks on walls, rusted furniture, broken lights, etc. can all be eyesores. If needed, paint all the walls, throw away broken furniture and make it presentable to the buyer. If you spend some money on it, it will eventually get you a better price.

8. Online Marketing

The world is digital, and it’s time you be too. Social media has come a long way in a short time, and just one listing on any of these sites can solve your selling woes. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are extremely popular to start with. Also, you can arrange to have an ‘influencer’ market for you on his/her blog to reach more potential buyers.

9. Price Negotiations

Based on the market study, price your condo fairly. Do not be too rigid about the cost and negotiate accordingly. Overpricing is a big negative as it may take longer to get sold and further hamper its selling value in time to come. It is also important to be aware that the IRS may want their cut—in other words, taxes. This isn’t always the case though so you may end up needing a tax calculator to see where you fall on the spectrum. After all, real estate is considered a tangible asset and as such, might be subject to capital gains.

10. Hire a Condo Realtor

Paying a percentage to a realtor may seem unappealing at first, but with their expert advice, you might be able to get an overall better price. They can advise on the right documentation, market analysis and price points.
Choosing the right realtor is what matters to sell a condo with ease. StarRealtors is one such company that can help with a clean and comfortable sale of your home as well as any other new condos for sale in Mississauga.

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